外围十大博彩app - 正规博十大app排名

外围十大博彩app - 正规博十大app排名



The 外围十大博彩app Class of 2023 校友 Achievement Award recipients includes a criminal defense lawyer who has argued (and won) before the United States Supreme Court, 民权活动家, a national CEO and a legacy family whose name is well-recognized in the Kansas City legal community.

每年, UMKC recognizes a select group of alumni for their amazing and inspirational accomplishments. The event offers a chance to share the achievements and successes of graduates UMKC sends out into the world each year at Commencement.

The 校友 Awards ceremony is one of the university's largest events to support student scholarships. 在过去十年中, the 校友 Awards event has garnered more than $1 million in scholarships and immediate aid for UMKC students.

Join us in honoring the Class of 2023 awardees at a celebration at 5 p.m. 3月10日在西港下议院举行. 访问 UMKC's 校友 Association website to learn more about this year's event. If you are unable to attend the event but would like to donate to student scholarships, 捐款可以在网上进行.



奥布莱恩是全国公认的刑事辩护律师, with successes in the United States Supreme Court and federal and state courts across the country. At least 17 innocent and wrongfully convicted individuals have been exonerated largely due to his efforts, and he has personally been responsible for at least 24 individuals being removed from death row.

在21世纪初回到密苏里大学堪萨斯分校任教之前, 他是堪萨斯城的首席公设辩护人, 密苏里州. 1985年到1989年, he served as executive director of the 密苏里州 Capital Punishment Resource Center, 现在是公益诉讼诊所.

除了教授刑法, Criminal Procedure and Wrongful convictions at the UMKC School of Law, O'Brien is the director of various pro bono criminal defense clinics, 包括死刑代理诊所, Public Defender Appeals Clinic and the Public Defender Trial Clinic. He continues his work in criminal defense through these clinics.

焦点奖:Bruce Bubacz

This year, Bubacz will celebrate his 50th year of teaching at UMKC. He has touched the lives of more than 5,000 students over the course of his tenure.

He is a Curators' Teaching Professor of Philosophy and professor of Philosophy and Law. He joined UMKC in 1973 and served as founding director of the College Honors Program, 为有学术天赋的本科生提供的项目, 从1979年到1985年. He chaired the Philosophy Department from 1987 until 2000 and served as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences between 2000 and 2002, served as chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics from 2004-2005 and as provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs from 2005 until 2007. He was also the chair of the Philosophy Department to UMKC Forward academic realignment in 2022.

The Bill French 校友 Service Award: Patricia Macdonald (BLA)

麦克唐纳在非营利组织管理方面有着悠久的历史, 研究, 战略规划和资源开发. She is the Director of Strategic Ventures and Operations for the Healthcare Institute for Innovations and Quality at UMKC, the past president of the Mid-American chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, chair of the UMKC 校友 Association Multicultural and Community Affairs Committee and a past president of the UMKC 校友 Association.

她参加了许多校园活动, 从遴选委员会到晚会策划. In 2016, she was awarded the CASE VI Volunteer Service Award given to those who have demonstrated tremendous service for higher education institutions in the Midwest.

挑战赔率奖:牧师. 卡尔·摩尔(1968届BME)

While attending college at Alabama State in the spring of 1960, 牧师. 摩尔因抗议种族不平等而被捕. 结果是, he could not return to the university in the fall -- so his mother put him on a train to Kansas City, 他在哪里开始在UMKC上学.

在获得音乐教育学位后,牧师. Moore taught high school music for three years before taking a job as a sales representative for IBM, 他在那里待了24年. 在40岁的时候,牧师. Moore felt called to ministry and began taking courses at the New Orleans Seminary and the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta and accepted his first pastorate at a small church. 牧师. Moore continues in ministry today at Allen Temple AME Church in Woodstock, 乔治亚州, 他每年都在增加他的会众.


Accurso家族在UMKC的遗产可以追溯到几代人之前. 约瑟夫·C. Accurso attended what was then Kansas City University and laid the path for many generations that followed to become Roos.

家庭成员包括约瑟夫的侄子, 路易Accurso, 他于1978年在UMKC获得文学学士学位,1981年获得法学博士学位. 仅仅七年之后, he founded one of Kansas City's most well-recognized law firms: the Accurso Law Firm. 他的儿子, 克里斯托弗(11届文学士), JD '17); Anthony (BLA '12, 12届医学博士和18届法学博士Patrick Accurso, 继续继承遗产.

Countless other family members have also attended including Michael C. Accurso(1982届工商管理硕士),Melissa Accurso(1988届工商管理学士),Joseph M. Accurso (BA '96), 塔米·迪金森(1998届法学博士), Terri Accurso (BA '02, MA '12), 丹妮尔·罗伊(09级硕士)和尼古拉斯·阿库索(20级工商管理硕士).Members of the family have graduated from nearly every program on campus, 包括文理学院, 亨利·W. 布洛赫管理学院, 生物与化学科学学院, 教育学院, 法学院和医学院.



生物与化学科学学院: 贝丝·哈维尔博士.D. '95)


亨利·W. 布洛赫商学院: Ramin Cherafat (MBA '02)


计算机与工程学院: Ken Gerling (BSCE '91)

副总裁 & 分销,伯恩斯和麦克唐纳

音乐学院: Charlie Corcoran(01级艺术硕士)


牙科学院: Cesar Sabates(87届DDS, 88届gad)

美国牙科协会前主席. 牙科诊所,普通牙科独奏

牙科学院-口腔卫生: Heather Samuel (BSDH '90, MSDH '91)

Retired Professor of Dental Hygiene, Johnson County Community College

教育学院: 克里斯·布朗博士.D. '93)


法学院: 斯科特·白求恩(1988届法学博士)

创始成员,戴维斯,白求恩 & 琼斯,有限责任公司

医学院: Arif Kamal (MD '05)


护理与健康研究学院: Shweta Palakkode (BHS '15)

美国卫生政策分析师.S. 卫生与公众服务部

药学院: 克雷格·诺曼(83届学士)


*Nominations were collected before UMKC Forward realigned academic units. 明年, some awardees will be named in their new academic units: School of Science and Engineering, School of Humanities and Social Sciences and 教育学院, “社会工作与心理科学”.